When Big Businesses Drive the Smaller Ones Out

Do you friends remember the hit from 90's called "You've Got Mail" starred by Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan? Well, that movie may demonstrate how a big business would crush a small store "just around the corner" beloved by loyal customers for years. Although that's not the main purpose of that particular movie but whatever.... That's what happened to a small grocery store which just like in the above mentioned movie was located just around the corner, in my neighborhood. A small grocery store which made our lives comfortable with its late night shifts, affordable prices, smiling staff and a satisfying variety of goods' brands. It is a friday night and you can sit back to enjoy a movie with your wife when that cutthroat kid of yours is finally asleep. What's missing though? A big and tasty sandwich of course.....I mean two big and tasty sandwiches.......I mean two for each of us......yeah two is better than one. Then you rush to the fridge to see what's going on there when its emptiness knocks you out with a Marciano style heavy uppercut. That's exactly when a small grocery store around the corner will be your savior. Grab that canned tuna fish, cheddar cheese, pickles and whatever else you need......just don't forget to complete that list with some ice-cold drinks. 

Customer Service Management

When it comes to Customer Service Management, one of the first things you should be aware of is the basic group structure of customer services department. Because before thinking about "how to manage", you must know "what to manage". As I've already written in previous post which was kind of an introduction to customer service, I'm better in covering the Telecom sphere because of my past work experience. So, let's go straight to the point. What is the basic group structure of customer service department in Telecom sphere? Here are the main groups that should be a part of any organization:

Effective Customer Service / Introduction

Since I had been employed in customer relations for almost five years (decided to quit the job in April 2012), I want to share with you the experience I gained during this period. As we all know, effective customer service is one of the key concepts when it comes to developing your business. Either a small book shop in the corner or a huge company with international branches, sales always depend on customers. You lose customers - you get sales level decreased. So how does one maintain effective customer care? How to keep current customers and attract new ones at the same time? The task is not easy, but it's not hard either. Actually customer service is a huge topic and I won't be able to describe all moments in one post. I don't want to write a huge post so today's post will be only an introduction to effective customer care. Later, I will try to cover customer care teams for huge companies. Ok, as I've already said above, my customer care experience lasted for almost five years (2007 late Summer - 2012 Spring) in Telecoms sphere (huge Cell phone operator) and that's what I've learnt so far:

Downshifting or Why People Decide to Live Off Grid / Part 1: Introduction

It is unbelievable how many people from around the world nowadays decide to live off the grid. Nevertheless it is no surprise that during last two decades more and more people made this hard decision as a result of a never ending urban stress, debt-full life and simply less chances of once starting a happy and healthy rest. As a social behavior, downshifting concentrates on finding and establishing a firm balance between work and personal life (i.e family, leisure, hobbies, etc), focusing on setting new goals rather than following a random economic growth scheme and thus entering the never ending rat race.