My review of careers: Which profession to choose and a few cents on self education

It's not hard to understand that choosing the right profession and choosing it in the right time is like winning a lottery. Not that it will give you a free diner or something, but it will help you adjust and build your future success, both financial and personal. I will try to give an honest opinion on advantages of some professions from my own observation and experience. Maybe the professions I am going to list won't be in demand in a few years but I will still try to be as unprejudiced as possible.

Advice # 1:
Leave away all the lightweight professions. i.e those like fashion adviser or pet adviser or network marketing salesman and etc. I don't want to offend anybody here but I can not call them professions. Maybe you can make good money telling a movie actor which perfume his or her poodle should wear when they attend Oscar nomination. If you do so and you love the idea of it then I can't judge. But my advise to you is not to go on reading this article. For all those who don't like dressing poodles, let's move further.

Advice # 2:
Choose a profession in heavyweight division  Maybe there is no certain segmentation in weights of professions. Ok, maybe I made it up but I'm trying to be serious here. By heavyweight division professions I don't really mean professions which help earn a fortune each month. The truth is if you are a master in your sphere then money will be multiplied "on autopilot" anyway. So I mean professions which are very hard to master and demand concentration and full devotion.

Here is my list of heavyweight division professions:
- Engineers
- Architects
- Doctors and pharmacists
- Teachers
- Financiers
- Legal advisers

Engineer: A good engineer will never be left without a job offer. Whether you are a marine engineer or a roughneck or an IT engineer or aircraft engineer, you will always be in demand. Plus, engineers are very good handymen. Usually during study process they learn so much of various stuff that they barely hire any repairers when they are in need. I know engineers who repair their own cars, do the plumbing jobs, repair their own roof, repair the electricity cords and etc.

Architect: I think there is no need to write much about architects. Another profession which is always in demand. We the people, have a tendency of building without a pause. We build towers, houses, museums, bridges, airports, shopping malls etc. And when we finish building we go further to build more and more. So a good architect will always have a project to work on.

Doctors and pharmacists: They save lives and they invent medicine. No more to add. Even a president feels dependent on a doctor and obeys his orders like a little boy. But it is a sacred profession and you must not joke around with it. Peoples' lives will depend on you.

Teacher: Being a teacher is both honorable and responsible. A generation of people will pass under your wing and you are going to have a huge impact on peoples' future.

Financier: Once when I was watching a documentary about the World Economic Crisis and the Bubble burst, I don't remember who it was but he said something like this: "Engineers build bridges and financiers build empty dreams, yet engineer earns hundred times less than financiers". True but not completely. Financiers do earn a lot of money but they don't build empty dreams. If some day you become a manager of a corporation or even a little firm, you will understand that without a good financier and a good accountant your ship is going to sink. You have to be friends with numbers and understand the value of each spent and earned penny.

Legal adviser:  Although to me it seems as the most boring profession to choose from all I've listed, still I have to admit that it is very hard to become a good legal adviser and that just like an accountant, a legal adviser is also one of the strongest chains of any corporation.

Advice # 3:
Love your profession. Be passionate about it. Don't go in it if you are forced by your parents or persuaded by your friends. You may love and sometimes even hate your profession but that passion should never end. Hating it from time to time is OK, because you bump into failures and big obstacles during your journey. But you should never, even for a second have doubts or regret the decision you made when choosing a profession.

Advice # 4:
Chose a supporting profession. I don't want to call it secondary profession because I am keen on the idea of having one major profession. So I rather call it a supporting profession, by which I mean something that you don't devote yourself too much to, but something that you like, and something that may one day earn you a penny if you are in trouble. For example:

You are master driller but the rig is shut, the contract is finished. You can't find another job. There is a vacancy of a master driller but it is in Alaska or in Arab Emirates. You can't sign in because your wife is going to have a baby soon and you've got to support her and be in town for the upcoming six months. But you are out of cash. So what? You have a decent German, and you can do some freelance translations for some time, plus you've had experience of it. Or you are very good piano player, and even your rough hands of a driller can play some nice oldies and entertain public. So your friend owns this restaurant nearby and he is just looking for a piano player, why not to sign in? Or maybe you write great comedies and you've already had some experience doing stand-up comedy shows among your buddies in the oil rig during weekends and lunch breaks. Why not to knock on the club door which is in front of your house?

I think you've got the idea. It may seem stupid for some people but I know some people who combine professional work with supporting professions which can sometimes earn a few more pennies to deposit. I know a guy who is a Fraud department manager in a major company but still attends gigs with his band every Friday evening in local pubs. It is both relaxation, i.e adding new colors to your daily life, plus it's a few bucks in your wallet.

Advice # 5:
Learn a second language no matter what. And I am not speaking of three or more secondary languages. Learn at least one secondary language and do learn it to perfection. There are very few instruments which can be useful during all your business life and one of them is the knowledge of an extra language. It's a tool that has no disadvantages. I am considering myself lucky because besides my native language I also speak Russian as I grew up in a post-Soviet country and it's become my second native language. I speak it without any accent, fluently since childhood. I also speak fluently and again without an accent Turkish, as it has tons of similarities with my own native language so learning it was a piece of cake. I speak English as one can not survive without it nowadays. So, that makes three languages besides my native. Plus I recently picked up German too, for fun and it seems to go not so fast but OK. I am already finishing elementary level.

So I don't just advise, I beg you to pick up at least one secondary language and master it to advanced level. Don't let anyone choose in your stead, don't listen to anybody. You like French? Ok then go for it. You like Japanese? Then go for it. You like Spanish or Italian or Chinese? Go for them.

and finally Advice # 6:
Never stop the self-education process. I can't describe how important it is to be well educated. And I am not speaking about degrees or diplomas here. I am talking about self-education. Never stop reading books, articles, press releases, anything that you can learn something new from. Education is the passport and visa to your success.

Good luck everbody!