Why Gold? / How it Became the Number One Investment

Have you ever thought why gold has always been the ultimate investment? Why its price never falls? And even when it falls the results are still higher than a few years ago? Why both men and women love it? Why it is much higher in price than silver although silver resources aroundthe world are less and much rare to find?
I can not dare to call myself a good economist or financier but I do know a few things about gold being so popular for centuries. I will try to write everything in an easy tone. No special terminology or anything (I am not good in that anyway). Lets go:

1) Gold is one of the most qualitative metals around the world. It can not be spoiled by mud, dirt, water or anything else, which guarantees that it will pass from generations to generations without being spoilt or damaged, unless intentionally.

2) Gold is one of the heaviest metals around the world due to its atomic and molecular structure. It is also quite soft. Which was very useful during centuries because wars made people move a lot. And their golden items could be easily fused and assembled in one bar or any other shape. So it was very comfortable and easy to transport while moving around.

3) Psychological factor: People love gold. Especially women. As long as women love gold, men will buy gold. As long as men are ready to pay for gold, jewellers will manufacture even more expensive gold products with diamonds and other precious stones. From necklaces to rings and bracelets, from wrist watches to pens and cuff links. It is usually considered as an indicator of power and wealth.

4) And the last factor is that gold can not be grown or cultivated like a vegetable. Its resources are decreasing from year to year. Which means that its price will keep growing. It will have falls too but they will be temporary. It's not a buy-today-sell-tomorrow kind of investment, but it is a very good long term investment. Considering the fact that gold price is following the uptrend, lending it for a long term period won't even demand fixed interest rate. Because if you lend me a bar of gold today, it will be more expensive when I return it back to you in ten years. You'll gain your percentages even if you don't want it. Because again as I said, gold loves the uptrend, as compared to paper money, which is in the end just a piece of paper with a nominal of 100 bucks, although the paint and paper spent for it costs maybe even less than five dollars.

So dear friends, save not only cash but gold too. Just don't turn your basement to Fort Knox.

Good luck!