Why Job Hunters Must Have a Personal Web Page

Have you ever thought about reasons you get no reply from a recruiter after applying for a certain job? "Why didn't they call me?", "There's still no email from them", "Is something wrong with my CV?", "What takes them so long?", "Maybe I should've added another recommendation letter".... These are usual questions we ask ourselves after we realize that another company probably ignored and deleted our resume from its database. I'll give you a little secret about building a personal web page and including its link to our CVs. So what's so special about it? 

First of all we must realize that when a vacancy is announced on a certain company's official web page, the recruiter can receive tens and sometimes even hundreds of emails with CV attachments, i.e. job applications. There are even some people who are so willing to be noticed and be invited to an interview that besides sending an online application form, they also drop by the company's office to leave a hard copy of their CVs and printed recommendation letters to reception. Some go even further and send copies of their CVs and letters by fax to that company's head office. Some even make calls and ask questions like: "Hello I was just wondering if you got my CV, I dropped it today and my name is -----".

Now can you imagine the task an HR recruiter is faced with? Looking through all those application forms and CVs carefully and choosing the right ten or fifteen candidates who will be invited to the interviews and exams. That is why so many professionals get no phone calls and invitations to interviews. Sometimes the recruiter has no time sort out all of the applications that he or she just picks random applications. Sometimes the recruiter is so tired and sleepy that he just won't notice that you mentioned a certificate in your CV which only pros can have. There are many more reasons a professional won't get noticed by the recruiter. That is why I recommend everyone to have a personal web page and include its link in your CV. Because everybody gets interested or just "awakens" from sleep after seeing a web link ("heeey, a personal page, that must be interesting"). And that's where you can catch recruiters’ attention. Also, there are companies and organizations which strictly reject CVs and accept only filled online application forms. This is a big trouble because the recruiter may not include the questions, answering which could show your top qualifications. That's why a personal web page will help, because you can include any information you consider important. If the online application form has no gap for a web page, then you can promote it by including the link to your email signature. Just make sure it stands out by color and font.

So what are the basic rules and how must you web page look? Here are the answers:

1. Remember that it is a promotional page for recruiters and recruiters only. So please do not include a gallery with photos from a fishing event or a drunk party. Include photos only in that case if you have photos from seminars, conferences, round-tables, important events. Pick those photos in which you wear a suit and a tie and look like a responsible and mature professional. If you have photos with people who are famous around in business and education sphere, include them too. For example, like a photo where you are shaking hands with a math professor from your university. Do not forget to comment your photos. Just no smileys, only a strict text. Something like: "a conversation with Dr. Prof. Gordon on nuclear physics. Award ceremony in science, January 17th, 2011. Boston."

2. Your page must be very well designed but without any fancy colors and photos. It should be user-friendly to surf. Do not include any flash intros or a background music. The information about you and your qualifications must be easily found. The recruiter doesn't care where and when you were born. He can get that info from your application form. He must find info about your education, work experience and achievements first of all. Nobody is going to surf your page for two hours. Just imagine that the recruiter will have only 5 minutes to surf your page and organize info about you according to this fact. He must find what you want him to find so do help him!

3. Don't blog. The recruiter doesn't care if it was raining in your town this morning and you had no umbrella. He's not going to read your philosophical life experience and even if he does, it will take him away from the info about your qualifications.

4. Remember: You web page is your visit card. The more you work on it, the better it will represent you. So if you have no imagination and no basic web site building skills, pay a few bucks and hire a pro to do that work. A one-page personal web site won't cost you much.

That's all I can recommend. Please take your time and prepare a catchy and a user-friendly personal web page which will portrait you as a responsible, serious and mature professional. After your web page is ready, ask your friends to surf it and tell you honestly if they would be interested in you as a candidate or not after seeing your page.

Good luck!