Why Investing is a Must

Almost everyone faces "money shortage" sooner or later. For some people it is a once in a lifetime thing, for others it happens almost every month. No matter which side you are on, financial issues are always a priority of life. Because everyone wants to eat, wear nice clothes, own a car and have a roof to live under. Some of us may go further in their aims and work hard to drive a fancy sport car, own a luxurious apartment in downtown, spend weekends on a personal yacht and travel to famous places once in every season. And once again, no matter what side you are on, you still have think about financial issues. Even monks wandering around the globe need to eat and wear proper clothes to be protected from cold or heat. Even the most fanatic believers who ask only for "a hot food to eat, warm clothes to wear and a safe shelter to spend night", need to work and earn their pennies. Why? Because the Almighty won't come down from heavens with a bowl a hot soup. Every prize comes with hard work and labor only. 
Secondly, working hard will buy you only more bills to pay. Because at least nine people of ten are attracted by luxury of life. The much you earn, the more loans and credit cards you will get to buy a better car, better home, another travel tickets, jewels and etc. This is how most people react to the banking traps. Loans nowadays are paid out almost to everyone.

"You want to produce a new type of compact discs? No problem sir, here's your loan"
"You want to see Europe? No problem madam, here is your loan" 

"Just take these checks and pay back with interest" - that's all the bankers want from you. They don't care about your vacations or the science project you are working on. It is only "interest, interest and interest again". People are so happy about getting loans that some don't even care about the interest rate. This is a tragedy. This is how life becomes a rat race and this is how once happy and debt less parents besides drowning in debts voluntarily, leave triple debts to their children.

Very few people from the middle class (working class) seriously think about making smart investments. Of those who do think about it, only a few do take measures. Some think it is risky to spend hard-earned money on investments and some are too lazy to do anything at all. My question is: Why paying interest to banks for unnecessary clothing is never stupid but making and investment is risky? The dress will wear out sooner or later, but a smart investment can always bring a fortune.

Enough of sermonizing, lets move to less risky but more profitable investments:

1) Education. Whether you educate yourself or your children, remember that education has always been the number one investment which won't cost you much but with right attitude, will indeed bring you 100% of income. Remember that you or your children don't have to attend expensive and fancy universities, some do become professionals by spending time in public libraries and surfing Internet.

2) Real estate. This is one of the most profitable and stable investment types. Buying real estate brings good profits both by renovating and selling for a higher price and by establishing a rental business. There are some sharks who don't even buy or sell real estate, but just find the right buyer and the right seller and arrange their meeting, receiving their interest later in case of a deal.

3) Land. Another profitable investment which demands slightly more time dedication. As an investment, land can be run in two vars: a) by building a house and growing a farm and selling it later with an interest b) by building a house and growing a farm and running an agriculture business (despite selling your own fruits, vegetables, milk and meat products to local stores, you can also benefit from serving your children food from your own land which adds a big amount of satisfaction and relief of being 100% confident that your family consumes healthy goods). Remember that in worst times people will forget all comforts in exchange for food to survive another day. Plus nowadays stores are so much filled with junk and GMO goods that growing your own food is a big advantage.

4) Precious metals. This case needs no broad explanation. Precious metals have always been a popular investment, plus the price slowly but confidently grows despite a few temporary market fluctuations. If you are in no position to afford consistent purchases of pure gold, silver is also a good precious metal which is constantly used in medicine, electronics and weapon industry.

5) Stocks and other papers. This is probably the most popular investment tool in Western world. Although personally I am in no position to invest in papers ever. First of all because you pay money for pieces of paper you don't even see or hold. This fact alone makes it less attractive for me. Maybe as a short term investment, stocks, bonds or futures might be a good choice. But still, it requires good knowledge of economy, finance, market structure and etc. This kind of information is not something you can learn in one semester. It requires huge experience in trading too. There are options like hiring a personal broker or a financial adviser but why to spend thousands on advises of brokers when you can invest in something else?

Good luck and good investments.