Minimalism / How to Live a Simpler Life

There are a few streams in life that will probably never become a fashionable pop trend. Streams like minimalism and downshifting require so much of self-determination and discipline that they are unlikely to grow into a massive event. I don't think that minimalism in life has a certain vocabulary explanation but in general, it can be described as following a simpler life standard. Many people though, mistakenly (or maybe deliberately?) imagine "simplifying one's life" as living like a monk in the middle of nowhere, without any extra clothing, without a regular job, smoking weed all day long and listening to 60's music. This picture of course is wrong. First of all it is worth mentioning that minimalism does not stand for abandoning modern technological progress or whatsoever. It rather stands for keeping only what you need and getting rid of the stuff you want but may never need. It also applies for a modesty in clothing, habitation (simpler quarters), transportation means and even nutrition. Even money wise, it is indeed a bad idea to bite off more than you can chew, whether it concerns food literally, or buying expensive cars, clothes or gizmos just for the sake of coolness and showoff.  

Some minimalists choose this path due to their character - i.e they enjoy living a simple life, not spending countless money on unnecessary toys, eating less but more healthy and etc. Some though, make this decision due to their religious or spiritual beliefs. They stand their ground for belief that this life is just a short hallway leading to the other - eternal life. And this very fact lets them realize that it is useless to collect needless stuff and find yourself one day surrounded by the superfluous. Either way or the other, both types of minimalists choose not to depend on objects and believe that they are better off with stuff that can be fit into a backpack (not literally maybe, but you get the idea). 

From my own experience, I can now state that minimalism is worth trying at least once in a lifetime. Although it will be indeed hard to apply in everything but you can start even today by throwing away (or giving out as a present or maybe even selling) the stuff you may never need which has been kept until now just for the sake of being kept. For the beginning, you may empty one room in your apartment and keep it as empty as possible (keep only the stuff you do need) and I guarantee that despite having more space physically, you will have more space spiritually too. 

Good luck and thanks for reading.