Why to Start Preparing for Your Retirement Today

Most of us while going through a young or mature age, completely ignore the importance of preparation for retirement years. I know some may say that it is too stupid to do it at a young age because they think that they may not even live that long to be a retired old fella. But in this life, we must be prepared for all the obstacles beforehand. And I am not talking about devoting all your time to building up retirement plans. What I want to state is that it should not be completely ignored. Every month I witness so many old people by ATMs who rush to withdraw their monthly pensions the very minute it gets transferred to their accounts. It is indeed a sad drama to watch because as far as I can understand from my observations, there are many people who at old age become abandoned by their children and relatives who can take care of them and thus become completely dependent on that monthly lousy payment from the government which at their youth, ripped them off at least ten times more with immoral taxation and other regular levies. So, what should we do to live a more relieved and anxiety-free retirement? We already know that no matter how happy and satisfied we are with our lives today, there is no guarantee that it will last forever. Despite being too young to have any experience about retirement, I've brainstormed a basic personal scheme  to handle this case:

Rule 1: I should define the "retired me": which means that I should set my retirement goals beforehand. Goals like what kind of a place would I want to live in during my retirement, what kind of needs I would have in order to be satisfied with my retired life and etc.

Rule 2: Manage all my debts before retirement: which means that I'll do my best to have no unpaid loans (including mortgage) or credit card debts or business debts or whatsoever by retirement. This will make me live my days more relaxed and without a worry about working again.

Rule 3: I must be prepared for the worst and unexpected: which means that I should not con myself stating that I'll be a healthy athlete at the age of 70. Yes there are indeed some centenarians who even at 100 years of age work on farms, chop wood, mow the grass and walk animals to green lands for tens of miles. Those are the country people who since childhood had built up an iron health with physical work on fresh air, eating self-grown natural goods and drinking mountain water. Nevertheless, we the city people are not like that. Unfortunately most of us will have a few heart attacks, surgeries, pressure problems and a whole bunch of illnesses by the time we are 70-80 years old. So, we should be prepared for the worst but we should still keep in mind that there is lot of time ahead to start living a healthier life and reduce above mentioned risks.

Rule 4: I must make a few smart investments before retirement: which once again means that I shouldn't count on that lousy pension, but rather start building passive income sources today. It could be investing in real estate, land, precious metals, stocks, antiques and etc. It could simply be anything and it is up to you to plan and decide. 

Rule 5: I must understand that retirement is not the end: which means that I should not become an old retarded downer who due to lack of socializing and interests, behaves like an irritating person interfering with everyone's business or complaining all the time in stores, parking lots, public transport and so on. I am sure everyone has witnessed those people. I have seen and read about retired people for whom retirement is a new age of adventures where they have no more jobs to waste their time for, no more anxieties because their kids are grown and financially independent and etc. It is this period of life when some people start to travel around the world, write books and memoirs, enjoy their youth hobbies, all of which could never be accomplished without a smart preparation for retirement. 

Thanks for reading and good luck!

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